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About the well-known trademark is prohibited to use in business promotion notice
source:Zhejiang Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd    Release date:2017-10-16 10:52:32
Provinces sales representative office, dealers:
According to its standing committee of the National People's Congress on amending the decision of the "trademark law of the People's Republic of China" (August 30, 2013, the 12th by the fourth session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress congress), since May 1, 2014, "the production, the operator with the words" China well-known trademark "may not be used for commodities, commodity packages or containers, or used in advertising, exhibitions and other commercial activities". If in violation of the provisions of the state shall be ordered to make rectification, the administrative department for industry and commerce and fined 100000 yuan.
In view of this decision, hope provinces sales representative office, dealers for existing billboards, product packaging and advertising materials checking, such as found with "China well-known trademark" signs should be completed before May 1, 2014; If discover the product packaging, labeling and promotional materials with "China well-known trademark" should be removed after sales. Please provinces sales representative office, dealers must abide by national laws and regulations and the requirements stated in the notice the rectification work, did not press for rectification shall be borne all consequences.
Notice is hereby given that the
Zhejiang feiyun industrial co., LTD
On March 25, 2014

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